Turning Sensors into consistent, real-time APIs

Al Cattell

We're building Busroot, a connector layer between the physical and digital worlds.

Busroot takes data from sensors and connected assets, and creates consistent, stable end-points to build on.

A rapid development platform for IoT

Organisations will use Busroot to rapidly develop on IoT data. With Busroot you can

  1. build data marketplaces

  2. optimise operations

  3. build new products and services

  4. drive real-world automation

The data from Busroot drives real-time dashboards, empowers real-time decision making, and delivers the data to fuel AI and machine learning.

Busroot can integrate multiple data sources, metadata and ontologies, and provide monitoring and alarms.

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We're independent - so you can work with any cloud provider or your own enviroment - whilst being cost-effective and simple to deploy.

We're also in an early beta, and looking for partners across a range of industries.

Email to find out more.

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